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Keeping your communications safe and secure

Netnorth's AVS system is a hosted service that employs various processes to highlight and mitigate email based threats before final delivery to your end users' email boxes.

Every inbound email is scanned for known Viruses / Malware / Phising attempts, if any are found these emails are simply discarded.

Remaining emails are then scanned, checked against over 30,000 dynamic rules for spam content, before being assigned a 'reputation score' that determines whether it is HAM or SPAM.

Clean emails (HAM) are...
  • Simply forwarded on to the intended recipient.

Affected emails (SPAM) can be...

  • Simply discarded.
  • Tagged and forwarded to the intended recipient (who can apply their own handling based on the tag with relevant inbox rules).
  • Forwarded to a 'nominated user' within their domain.
  • Sent to an accumulating IMAP account, for later perusal, (automatically discarded after 30 days).
Some of the benefits of our AVS solution are:
  • Fully redundant clustered multi-site scanning platform.
  • 90 day zero cost trial
  • Exposure to multiple virus / malware scanning systems
  • Reduced amount of spam delivered to your end users
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Compatible with all end-user mail systems
  • Built in Store-and-Forward service, should the destination mail server be offline
  • Brandable control panels for Resellers and MSPs
  • Simple, per domain pricing model
  • Easy setup and administration
  • Default settings that minimise false positives

Our fully featured web based control panels offer optional:
  • White listing, per domain and single email addresses
    ( Emails from white listed addresses are always accepted )
  • Black listing, per domain and single email addresses
    ( Emails from black listed addresses are rejected )
  • Allowed address lists, blocking attempts to addresses that you deem to be unused in your domain
  • Geographic filtering of email traffic originating from unwanted areas of the globe.( .cn .ru .br etc)
  • Per domain control of...
      SPAM trigger level ( default 5.1 )
      SPAM discard / delete level ( default 50.0 )
  • Lookup real sender details via an AVS scanning reference
    ( useful for white listing emails from desirable mailing lists )
  • AVS Reporter, detailed information / profiling of email activity
  • Daily AVS Spam summary notifications, summary of blocked emails, with the facility to 'Remail' selected messages

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Product: NN-AVS-1 NN-AVS-2 NN-AVS-3 Bespoke
Price: £49 pa £79 pa £120 pa poa
Limits: 10 user addresses 20 user addresses Unlimited
1000 emails daily 3000 emails daily 5000 emails daily Unlimited
  • Multi-Vendor AntiVirus
  • Flexible filtering of Malware / Phishing / Junk content
  • Customisable thresholds and behaviour control
  • Statistical analysis and reporting
  • 90 Days Zero Cost Trial


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NetNorth will collaborate with you to provide your company with the services it actually requires, and will continue to manage those services, making further recommendations when relevant technologies mature.

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